Beauty Halloween Makeup: Mermaid Tutorial

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Halloween is tomorrow so I thought I would quickly fit in another Halloween tutorial before the day approaches. This time I've gone for something a bit more girly and feminine a Mermaid! This one wasn't as quick as the vampire tutorial but it still pretty easy if you are running out of ideas and need one quickly! 

I'll show you how to get this simple Mermaid look, just follow the steps below: 

Products used:


Nars sheer glow foundation in Punjab
Nars creamy concealer in vanilla
Rimmel stay matte pressed powder
Sephora moon shadow palette in 'in the heat'
Napoleon Perdis colour disk in flamingo road
Inglot eye shadow in number 487


Model co 05 palette in Island fever
Inglot eye shadow in number 487 (purple)
Inglot eye shadow in number 447 (silver)
Sephora moon shadow palette in 'in the heat'
Cover girl lash blast mascara


Mac lipstick in Hue

Start off with this base you like, I am once again going with my cult favourites Nars sheer glow foundation and creamy concealer. Because this is a mermaid tutorial I really wanted very highlighted cheekbones so if you don't have a lighter concealer you can use a foundation instead or lighter setting powder. I also did my brows at this point but if I could do it again I would leave them till last as the colours went absolutely everywhere and my brows ended up purple!

Now take a blue shaded eye shadow on a fluffy brush, I used a small fluffy contouring brush and use this colour as your bronzer. Try to be super precise around the cheekbones to get a really precise line and then blend it out. Take this same colour and couture your nose blending slightly towards the lower crease of your eye.

Now take a dark blue or purple shadow and pack this onto the eye lid, at this point it doesn't matter how messy you are as long as the colour is staying on your lid, try to drag it down into the inner corner as much as you can.  With a blending brush, blend out this colour in the crease and take it down over the blue contour on your nose. I then took a violet purple in the outer corner and blended that into the crease just to soften it a bit.

Now for the crazy bit! For this I used an old loofah which I didn't use and cut a large section out of it, but if you can find any netting like fish net stockings you will create the same effect. I had to pin with bobby pins the netting across my face into my hair to get it to stick, I had to stop myself from laughing a couple of times but it really is worth it to get that mermaid scale look! 

With the same blue you used for contouring the cheeks, take a wet, flat foundation brush and start applying the colour around the edges of the top of your face, making sure that the colour is darkest at the edge and blends out towards the centre of the face. I also took this down around my face so it blended into the cheek bones. After the blue begin to create a gradient from blue, to purple (using a light shade) to pink. The trick here if you are using similar netting is to make sure it doesn't move or the scales will not turn out as prominent.

Now take a silvery shadow as a highlight, I used this on the top of my cheekbones initially but then decided to place it anywhere that suited my fancy, this look shouldn't be too polished or symmetrical so I placed it randomly around my face as well as my jaw line and just down my neck. 

Now take the same netting from before and hold it just under the jaw line and taking the same purple and blue eye shadows create a scale effect! I also did this along my collar bones.

Now back to the eyes! Take the same silver eyeshadow that you used as a highlight on a damp angled eyeliner brush and create a wing, you could also use a silver liquid eye liner or eye liner pencil for this.

If you wanted you could leave the look here, followed up by some mascara and lashes! But I wanted to do something a little bit fancier, so I delved into my craft supplies and found some silver glitter and white iridescent confetti. You could use anything for this from a craft store like beads or pearls.

Using eye lash glue, apply little spots along the cheek bone and up around the brow. Using tweezers (or you could just throw it on randomly) apply glitter and confetti pieces randomly around the places you have applied the glue. I also took some and put it along my neck and collar bones.

To finish it off apply a coat of mascara and your favourite lashes! I opted for some long black lashes with glitter just to add even more sparkly to the mermaid look!

And you're done! This look takes a little bit of time just to get the colours looking perfectly but it is definitely an easy look to achieve for the perfect girly Halloween. If you want anymore tutorials let me know in the comments.


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  1. Great tutorial :) I love halloween for experimenting with different makeup! xx