Perfect Summer hair and skin

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With the heat rolling in it's all about hydrating to keep your hair and skin looking healthy...

With Christmas coming to an end and New years approaching the days have been getting hotter and dryer with some days being so unbearably hot I've found myself not wanting to leave my well conditioned house. With this extreme weather I have been thinking how much my beauty routine changes over the seasons and in particular this one. There's no more delving into my deliciously fragrant moisturisers or hair products that are almost edible but instead the only thing that i've been concerned with beauty wise is moisturising and nourishing. I thought this would be the perfect time to update you on how I keep my skin as well as my hair looking and feeling healthy throughout this incredibly dry and humid season. 

What I find the most difficult is finding relatively cheaper products which are going to provide my skin and hair with the nourishment it needs to 'survive' this season, most of the products I use are from mid to high range simply because I find that the quality is so much better and my money is well spent because the job is done well. My two loves throughout this time for my skin are Estee Lauder and Clinique skin care, separate they are wonderful, combined they work magic!

I use the clinique 3 step skin care range all throughout the year, it keeps my skin healthy clear and truly brings down redness and has decreased those nasty spots by quite a bit. However, throughout summer I desperately need a moisturiser which is thick, creamy and will sink into my skin to really hydrate. I have found switching out the clinique 'dramatically different moisturising' lotion for the clinique 'even better skin tone correcting' moisturiser a great help for hydrated skin while trying to stick within the same brand. This moisturiser is amazing, it takes a little while to sink in but it is incredibly thick and moisturises my face very well, the scent is also pleasant and fresh. The big bonus about this product is that is has SPF which is perfect, particularly if you sunburn as easily as I do. 

Body wise I like to apply the Lush ' Vanilla dee light' body moisturiser to my skin in the morning and night after I shower, it has a super lovely scent which isn't too overpowering. It has a thinner consistency so it spreads well across your skin and you don't need to use a whole lot. This is my favourite moisturiser to use on my body, its very hydrating and light on the skin which is great during the heat, I can't stand wearing a moisturiser which feels heavy or sticky on my body particularly when I'm outside in the heat already feeling gross from humidity. So this moisturiser is most definitely perfect for the hot summer months. 

In terms of hair I have been using a new shampoo and hair masque. Both combined work miracles. I have very curly and frizzy hair which can be very temperamental ranging from dry to oily. What I need most during this season is something that is going to really moisturise, nourish and tame frizz. I find these two products do just that. The shampoo I have been using is the renewing argan oil of morocco by Organix and the hair masque (which I have been using without guilt as a conditioner) is the macadamia natural oil deep repair masque. Both smell amazing but what I love most is they leave my hair so incredibly smooth, soft and shiny. 

After a week of using these products my hair was notably less frizzy and dry with my ends looking so much more healthy. I have also started to reuse my moroccan oil treatment in combination with these two products which has just made my hair that much better. I have to use this one through damp hair as as I said my hair can be oily so adding extra isn't going to help it any. This product adds extra shine to my hair, tames frizz and has deffinetly made a contribution to the healthiness of hair at the moment. 

All of these products have tremendously aided in rescuing my hair and skin from the weather this season. In honesty, I deffinetly recommend all of these products, while most are pricey as I mentioned before it is most deffinetly worth the investment. If you haven't tried out any of the Clinique products mentioned in this post I recommend checking out the smaller ml 3 step skin care that Clinique offers for a lower cost.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and how you felt they helped out your skin and hair this season.

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