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This has been a long awaited blog post and is well and truly one of my favourites to share with you all! Mac has been my all time favourite beauty company for lipsticks for so long as you would know if you read my recent blog post! and over time I have slowly but surely been collecting and building on my collection. Finally, I have a nice amount to do a collections post to share with you all.

Speed Dial is by far one of my most loved out of my Mac lipstick collection. It is a gorgeous rose pink and my go-to ‘my lips but better’ shade. It is incredibly pigmented and long lasting but may require a few touch ups every now and then. I love wearing this during the day with soft neutral eye shadows and bronzed skin. It is also a cremesheen lipstick so of course very moisturising and creamy. 

Next is a new addition to my collection, one which I have been eyeing up for so long! This is in the shade Saint Germain. All I think when looking at this is Barbie! It is the perfect cool toned Barbie pink you will ever come across. Super, super pigmented and the colour pay of is unreal. I love wearing this with an all black outfit or on a night out. While it’s not my typical everyday shade this lipstick does give you a pop of colour to any look and if you’re all for bold makeup could totally be worn throughout the day.

My number one lipstick out of my entire lipstick collection is in the shade Creme Cup! I wear this lipstick almost every single day, on-the-go or throughout the night. It is the perfect cool toned beige-pink nude, pigmented and moisturising. I wear this lipstick with any kind of outfit whether it be for a casual day at uni or a night out with friends. It is really versatile and goes perfectly with my fair skin shade as it doesn't wash me out at all. 

The very first Mac lipstick I ever owned I received from my best friend as a gift and it completely sparked my love for their lipsticks. This was in the shade Hue. Hue is a super sheer nude with a glaze finish. I would describe it as a really soft peachy nude, very natural as the finish is super sheer almost like a lip gloss. At first this shade was really hard to work with my skin tone but paired over a pinker lipstick or with tanned skin it really does look amazing. As its sheer it also isn't messy so it makes for a perfect ‘work’ shade or if you’re just going for something super chic and natural for on the go.

Speaking of firsts, my first ever limited edition Mac lipstick was in the shade Sweet and Sour, which now is part of their permanent collection something which slightly annoyed me as I’d purchased it mostly because it was a limited edition. This lipstick, came out in the ‘ All about orange’ collection and was the lightest from the range. Like hue, Sweet and sour is quite sheer and doesn't have long wearing colour but with touch ups can provide a really nice flush of colour. I deffinetly do not recommend this for fair skin shades, it washes me out completely and is really unflattering. But with tanned skin it looks really subtle and fresh on the lips. Deffinetly a shade for spring and summer time. 

Speed Dial, Sait Germain, Creme Cup, Hue, Sweet & Sour
The darkest shade in my collection is in the colour Media. This is my favourite lipstick throughout Winter and Autumn and always a must have for nights out. Media is a really dark red-wine shade and like most Mac lipsticks super pigmented and long lasting which is great for nights when reapplying lipstick can become very annoying! This lipstick suits both fair and darker skin shades which is also a bonus.

My two Red Lipsticks are in the shades Mac Red and Ruby Woo. I find both shades to be very similar in colour only their finishes are super different! Ruby Woo is in a matte finish and can be very drying but for the colour payoff and longevity of the lipstick it is super worth it. Mac Red is very similar in colour but slightly cooler and is a satin finish so moisturising but not messy at all. Both are incredibly opaque blue toned reds that I find are perfect for fair skin. 

My final Mac lipstick shade is in the colour Vegas Volt which is a super bright coral. I look at this lipstick and all I can think of is summer, it is the perfect summery and vibrant shade. I love wearing this on nights out for a huge pop of colour. This shade like others is opaque with great colour pay off but isn’t as long lasting as i’d like and does require touch ups! Because it’s such a bright colour I deffinetly recommend bringing along some concealer as well when you go to reapply for a perfect crisp line. 

Vegas Volt, Mac Red, Ruby Woo, Media

Have you used any of these Mac lipsticks before? what are your favourites, let me know!

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  1. You have so many nice shades! I've never tried a MAC lipstick before!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. You have so many nice Mac lipsticks- I really need to get Creme Cup, it looks a gorgeous shade.

  3. I went out shopping yesterday and had So Chaud and Morange tested on me and I really liked them but I didn't have much money on me as I went after shopping but I'll defo be returning for them soon! I love your collection so much, Hue looks really pretty and so does Saint Germain but I could never pull that off haha
    Dalal xx

  4. You have such a lovely collection. I really want to start collecting Mac lipsticks now haha xxx

  5. Great post! Hue was my first MAC lipstick too. Think my all time fave has to See Sheer though; looks quite similar to Sweet and Sour! Always wanted to try Creme Cup. x

    1. I brought Hue this week and I love it! Next on my wish list is Creme Cup!
      Lovely collection
      Lisa xxx

  6. I love Hue! You have a great collection :)

    xo, Liz

  7. I have Ruby Woo, that and Lady Danger are the ultimate in bold lipsticks for me! I need to get Creme Cup, it's always mentioned as the perfect your lips but better shade. x

  8. I have never tried Mac lipsticks before, but speed dial looks so gorgeous! I think if I were to try any, that would be the one I'd go for!

  9. I'm so jealous! You have some lovely shades xx

  10. I have loads of mac lippys but none of these shades! Defo going to try out creme cup xo

  11. Ruby woo is a staple in my collection but I love the coral shades, they'll be perfect for summer and beach holidays!
    -- // x

  12. I love MAC lipsticks! You have some lovely shades x

  13. I'm so jealous of your collection! I wish MAC wasn't so expensive! :(
    Rachel Coco

  14. Quite the collection and what a lovely shade selection you have!!
    I'm yet to own a mac liptsick but I think Ruby Woo will be what I go for!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  15. I am in love with your collection! Every shade is so unque and different and I love Hue

  16. My favourite MAC lipstick is Russian Red and it has such a gorgeous matte finish that makes me feel like I can conquer the world!