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Benefit has long been one of my favourite brands their packaging is just to die for in particular their Benefit 'boxes'. I have a few Benefit beauty box products that I have loved for a very long time, some of which are re purchases. I know the selection can be a little over whelming as there are so many different colours and shades to choose from so I thought I would share with you my favourites from the selection they sell. 

Out of all the Benefit boxes I own, Thrrrob is by far my favourite. This blush is ridiculously pigmented with excellent colour pay off. A little goes a very long way with this product which is great as I want it to last as long as possible. I haven't seen this product in store for a while now and I have a feeling it may have been discontinued so i'm using it sparingly. The colour of this blush is the perfect barbie rose pink with a matte finish. I have used this blush on my natural fair skin as well on tanned and it looks great on both. 

Dandelion is a pretty peachy ballerina pink that Benefit describes as a 'brightening' blush which is very true! This blush provides a super delicate and gentle flush to the cheeks. It is not as pigmented as Thrrrob but very buildable. The finish is relatively matte and slightly satin. 

As you can probably tell this blush I have owned for a very long time,unfortunately the Benefit box packaging, while very cute, are not very durable but it's what's on the inside that counts right? Sugarbomb is crazily shimmery with an almost satin finish every time I go to use it I feel like i'm about to apply sugar on my face so use it sparingly! This blush has four different shades which you could use separately but I prefer swirling all the shades together to create a soft pink. When using this blush I use a very little amount without a highlight as it really is super shimmery. 

Hoola is part of the Benefit box collection and is a absolute favourite bronzer might I add. I have just reached pan on this product and it is possibly one of the worst things to happen to a beauty lover! Hoola is the perfect soft brown matte bronzer which doesn't come off as muddy particularly on fairer skin tones. This product is buildable and pigmented but also effortless to blend which is always helpful when it comes to contouring. I use this both to contour my cheeks and nose but also to warm up my complexion. 

Do you own any Benefit beauty boxes? what are your thoughts, let me know which products I should try out!

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  1. Thrrrob is discontinues, yes. I've never seen it, so it must be quite old! :D I've heard about it though.
    I own all the others you have too, I've been using Sugarbomb for 5 years or so and I'm on my third one I think. Other than that I use the Coralista blush, which is super shimmery but such a nice coral colour for summer! x

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. Throb looks gorgeous! My face has to be Bella Bamba which got discontinued also (i think) :(
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I love my Coralista. The perfect peach, it is shimmery, but I find not as much as other Peach blushes out there. x

  4. I've actually never tried any of them sadly, maybe I should pick one up the next time I'm passing my them :)

  5. Hoola is my favourite Benefit product by far! I've got a giveaway live on my blog now for it: - ending soon!

    Amy | Get Glam

  6. Benefit box blushes are soo cute, love them, my favourite has to be Hervana, its a pretty pinky purple shade! I wish they still sold Throbb.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

  7. I love Hoola the boxes are so cute. But I do find with the boxes they get messy quickly.


  8. I've had so many of these gorgeous blushes in my collection & at the moment I own Hoola & Hervana as well as the Blush Set from Christmas. Love them x

    Beauty with charm

  9. Coralista & Bella Bamba are my favourites :)

    xo, Liz

  10. I haven't tried anything from Benifit but these appeal to me so much. I might have to get one!! x

  11. Wow...these would make a perfect gift for my wife

  12. Looks gorgeous. I love Benefit packaging it's so cute.