January 2015 favourites

I am so excited to be sharing with you my favourite products for January this year, since starting this blog I have really tried to branch out to try different brands and products so a lot of these are new to my collection but I have a few oldies which I have also been loving this month as well.

First up I will start with skin care, now I am not going to lie to you I have always been someone who has been pretty lazy with my skin care simply because I could never find products that actually worked. Until around November last year I discovered Estée Lauder skin care and have honestly fallen in love almost every single product has done wonders for my skin. This month I have been loving the Estée Lauder Day Wear moisturiser. I love this moisturiser it is so creamy and hydrating and has the most lovely fresh scent that just makes you feel very clean and awake, it sort of reminds me of cucumbers and lime. It also has SPF which is wonderful for this time of year when it is so hot and harsh on the face. 

Continuing with face products I have been loving the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It is the best makeup remover I have used so far, it removes almost all of my makeup from the day with 2-3 makeup pads and doesn't leave a sticky residue on my face. I have always struggled with finding a makeup remover for my eye makeup that doesn't sting my eyes until I found this so I don't think I will be changing to anything else anytime soon. It is also super inexpensive for such a large bottle which is a great bonus. 

For hair this month I have recently tried out the OGX (Organix) argan oil of morocco after running out of my Moroccan Oil Treatment and needing a new one asap. This hair oil is 10x cheaper than the Moroccan Oil Treatment and for the price ($14.50) it does a pretty great job. It is a much thinner consistency so I can use a little more than usual in my hair which doesn't make it look greasy but nice smooth and shiny. I still think I prefer the Moroccan Oil Treatment but if you are looking for a great and inexpensive alternative I would recommend this. If you want to read more on my Summer Hair Care you can find it here

The two cheek products I have loved this month are Benefit's Hoola bronzer and Hourglass' Diffused Heat blush. Hoola is a long loved favourite but I have recently been using it as a contour and bronzer for my skin as it has a very soft brown matte finish so it is perfect for warming up the face. This bronzer goes perfectly with the Hourglass blush in which is in such a rose pink summery shade. It is a marbled baked blush which I love because I have nothing else like it in my collection. 

The lip shade I have loved through January is a lip butter by Revlon in the shade Pink Truffle. While this is deffinetly not a shade for summer I love it none the less and have been wearing it almost every time I have left the house. This shade is a very deep rose that comes off on the lips quite brown which I have actually loved, I have nothing like this lip shade and think I have found a new favourite to apply throughout winter.

What have been your favourite beauty products for January 2015? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Amazing post! I love the Micellar Water too! II did a review of It over on my blog, feel free to check it out!

  2. Hoola Bronzer is one of my favourites too! I'm loving the The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer right now. Duch a beautiful highlighter! Xx


  3. That night cream sounds amazing!

  4. I really like using the Garnier micellar water to take my make-up off then using a proper cleanser to give a good deep clean! x


  5. The garnier micellar cleansing water is one of my favorite products this month! It's so easy to remove my makeup with it and very gentle! I love it too xx


  6. The garnier micellar cleansing water is one of my favorite products this month! It's so easy to remove my makeup with it and very gentle! I love it too xx


  7. Great fav's! Estee Launder do some really amazing products. I am in love with theit Time Zone eye cream.

    Have a fab Sunday xo

    Keisha xo

  8. Great post! Most give some of these products a try! :)


  9. I am also in love with the Garnier Micellar water- I tried the Nivea one for sensitive skin really and it is nowhere near as good- will definitely be returning to this one :) love the marble blush- looks so unusual and the colours are gorgeous!


  10. I love both the Garnier Micellar Water and Benefit Hoola, great January picks.


  11. Ohh I have been wanting to try out Garnier's Micellar Water! ^ u ^


  12. I've just tagged you in the infinity dreams award, you can check it out over on my blog :) xo

  13. I have been loving the cleansing water aswell!
    That Hourglass blush looks incredible
    Estelle x - Let Me Go Xo