Lush haul & Mini Review

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As this term is coming to an end I have finally found some time to get into some shopping and I thought what better way to end final assessments then with a pamper night... or just pampering in general. Lush is by far my favourite place to shop for all things bath and body related simply because everything smells like lollies and who doesn't want to smell like lollies right? Not only that but lush is cruelty free which is a big bonus! 

The first goodie I picked up was a body cream, as summer is approaching and spring is already heating up moisturising is essentially to keep your skin healthy and glowing, not to mention keeping those well earned or 'applied' tans long lasting. The body cream I picked up is called 'Vanilla dee-light' it has such a gorgeous light scent, very vanilla based as the name suggests with hints of jasmine. The consistency is creamy but thinner than most body creams I have used which I have found to like as it isn't taking as long to soak in while still leaving my skin super smooth and smelling great. 

I picked up two lip products the first a lip balm in 'lip service' and the second a lip scrub in 'bubble gum'. I had never tried lush lip balms before so I thought I would give this one a try, so far this lip balm has been average, it isn't as moisturising as I would have liked but time will tell I hope.

I had tried Lush lip scrubs in the past so I knew that this one wouldn't be a disappointment, this lip scrub tastes absolutely amazing, definitely bubble gum flavoured the scent is quite similar to the 'snow fairy' bath wash or 'comforter' bubble bar. This lip scrub leaves my lips super smooth and soft; I like to use it at least once a day particularly in this weather which easily dries my lips out. I definitely recommend this one!

I also picked up a soap in 'godmother' and cleanser bar in 'fresh farmacy' which I haven't yet used, however the scent of Godmother smells exactly like 'snow fairy' so I know I'm going to love it, plus it's covered in purple glitter!

I also purchased a spot treatment called 'grease lighting'; it is amazing and is a repurchase I think I will be doing a review just on this product in the future.

And finally I got my hands on the last 'Whoosh' shower jelly which smells exactly like Sprite lemonade even though the label suggests it smells like grapefruit and rosemary? too bad if you were hoping for those scents, but I absolute love the smell and how much it foams up when using a loofah.

If you're ready to wind down after a busy semester, I suggest popping into Lush to purchase these products or any other great smelling goods that are certain to help you de-stress. If you want any other hauls like these be sure to let me know in the comments.


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