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One of the best feelings I think is the feeling of clean and fresh skin. Whether this is bright and early in the morning or after a long day. A great skincare routine can make all the difference but the products you use are even more so. 

I have tried many products when it comes to skincare, my skin is normal combination and can often be a little temperamental... nobody's perfect right? I have tried a huge range of brands from drugstore to high end and I have never found products that really make me and my skin happy. This was until I tried the skin care range by Esée Lauder. I have owned quite a few skin products by Estée Lauder over the years but these products are my favourite and definite must haves when it comes to my skin.

Estée Lauder DayWear moisturiser is the perfect moisturiser for all skin types it leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. I find it particularly helpful throughout summer time it prevents my skin from drying out and leaves it super soft. The textured is smooth and thin and doesn't leave a greasy feeling after application, the smell is also fresh and it just adds to that 'clean' feeling we all love. 
The perfectly clean multi-action foam cleanser is my number one skin care product. It is my Holy Grail and I will never, never use anything else. My skin is prone to break outs but this clears everything up within 24 hours. It doubles as a purifying mask and leaves the skin feeling so incredibly clean and fresh. It foams up easily with little needed product and really opens up your pores. If you don't love that 'tight' feeling on your skin however I wouldn't recommend it as it leaves the skin tight once it is washed off; I however love this feeling so I can't find a fault even the smell is nice. 

The Advanced Night Repair under eye cream works miracles when it comes to minimising tired eyes and dark under eye circles. While not my all time favourite eye cream out of my Estée Lauder favourites it definitely makes the cut. This eye cream is medium to thick in consistency and almost gel like. I find the formula to be really smooth and it sinks in quickly without leaving any greasiness. If I wear this product before going out at night my foundation glides over it smoothly without caking up.
The Idealist pore minimising skin refinisher is amazing for leaving gorgeous fresh and hydrated skin. I love using this product in the morning or when going out to an important event. It is super luxurious to use and leaves the skin so smooth. It also really brightens and shrinks the pores. Combined with the foaming cleanser the refinisher works wonders for blemishes and combination skin types.

Have you tried any Estée Lauder skincare products before? Let me know your favourites.

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  1. I have recently ordered the eye cream as a little treat :) The products are so expensive so it is good to see you feel they are worth the money x

  2. You have fab taste in skincare hunny and trust me when your older your skin will thank you for it:) I really love the eye cream to: it lasts for ages plus the consistency is really nice not to heavy just nice:)

    Laura@ Liberty Loves Makeup

  3. Serum is my favourite!!! Great products! :)
    Great post!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  4. These all sound like amazing and luxurious skincare products. I'm especially intrigued by the Daywear moisturiser and the Idealist pore minimiser, they sound great x

    Beauty with charm

  5. The whole skincare collection looks so tasteful I love it. I am in dire need of the 'idealist'! I've been trying Elizabeth Arden serum at the moment and it's making my skin feel so great I'm considering starting (and actually following) a routine with some high end products. We're worth it right?

    lucy | luceellen xxx

  6. Can you just buy me some of these now, hehe thanks xx

  7. I agree, there is nothing better than fresh feeling skin! I have used Estee Lauder in the past and I really like them. My fav is the Time Zone for eyes.

    Keisha xo

  8. I'd love to try some from this range, the pore definer sounds amazing!

    Corinne x

  9. This sounds like the most lovely range! I'm pretty bad with skin care so this sounds like something that would help me to get into it!
    Rachel Coco