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There's always one thing I turn to when trying to de-stress and that's candles, long hot showers and great smelling body products. There's something about a hot bath and the smell and sight of candles that has a wonderful relaxing effect on the body so I think finding the perfect scents are important when trying to relax or calm down after a stressful day. 

When it comes to all things body and candle related I always find myself picking out products which have either 'Bakery Smells' like caramel or I will pick up Berry scented ones. These are my two favourite types of scents so it makes sense that they would calm me down more than any others, which is important when trying to relax. There's no point running a long bath and subjecting yourself to a smell you don't really love which isn't going to relax you. 

I'll start with candles. I recently picked myself up a new Glasshouse candle from Peter Alexander and believe me when I tell you, you will never want to light another candle in your life after smelling this. This candle is in the scent 'Chicago Fudge Brownie'. Just let that sink in, a candle that smells just like a fudge brownie... could you think of anything better? This candle is so true to it's scent I absolutely love it! It has two wicks and has a long lasting scent long after the candle has been put out and can also give your room a pleasant smell just with the lid off unlit.

Before purchasing the Chicago Glasshouse candle, I was using the Woodwick trilogy candle in 'Cafe Sweets'. This candle has long been a favorite of mine as it comes with three different scents all with my favorite bakery scents: Vanilla bean, caramel and biscotti. Woodwick candles are definitely helpful for creating a relaxed atmosphere as the wick creates a crackle sound when being burned.

For hot showers or baths I recommend the Philosophy bath and shower range. I picked up this trio during the Boxing Day sales and have fallen in love. I have been wanting to try the Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel for so long now and I have finally got my hand on it! The smell is absolutely incredible and again so true to what the name suggests. All three of these mini sized shower gels also double as shampoo and bubble bath, and of course smell delicious. At the moment I am using the shower gel in the scent Raspberry Sorbet which is super thick and creamy with a fresh berry scent that I can still smell on my skin afterwards which is always a bonus. There's nothing worse than finding  great smelling product that smells great in the shower but completely disappears once your done.  What I also love about these shower gels is that they include a little recipe for each one, which I think is a very cute and unique idea.

How do you de-stress after a long day or stressful week? Let me know which beauty products are your go to for a perfect relaxing night.

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  1. Great products! :) Raspberry is my favourite! :)

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  2. Great post! I'm also a huge fan of long showers or baths to relax. I love sweet vanilla scents and that Birthday Cake one is actually one of my favourites along with sugar scrubs :) xx

    Love and Marmalade

  3. Great post, I really want to try some of the philosophy bath/shower range as I have never tried it before! xx

  4. I really am in love with scented candles by the given season and I currently am using Vanilla Birthday cake where I'm loving the scent every minute and second by the time I head into my shower :)


  5. Love this post - those candles look absolutely gorgeous! And I've never tried philosophy before but heard so many good things about it!

    Beth // Bethany Georgina

  6. I love bakery scents too for candles! For bath scents I prefer something with a clean smell, if that makes sense.


  7. Love this! I keep meaning to pick up some Philosophy products, vanilla birthday cake sound amazing! Will definitely have to check that out xoxo

  8. oooo that vanilla one sounds amazing , I love that scent xox

  9. Vanilla Birthday Cake sounds like it would smell yummy! ^ - ^

  10. These look lovely!